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About Me

Hi.  My name is Brian Black.  My gender is male and I’m proud of it.  I also have two parents.  Mom, who is female. Dad, who is not.

I’m a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I haven’t left yet.  It seems like every time I try, I get about as far as Ohio and then I’m suddenly back on the turnpike heading to PA again.

I’m engaged.  Her name is Michelle and she is beautiful.  Little kids have a tendency to point at her and scream, “KATY PERRY!” and I’m not entirely convinced that she tells them otherwise.  She’s a very nice person, nicer than me, and I don’t deserve her.

I’m a writer, but it’s not my day job.  Yet!    I once had to argue why hipsters were dangerous to my mother in the game Apples to Apples. She didn’t understand what a hipster was nor why a hipster was dangerous.

I tried really hard.  Crash and burn baby.

That’s all I’m allowed to discuss since the non-disclosure agreement that I was forced to sign.