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Every now and then I will find an incredibly useful (or at least entertaining) webpage that I think deserves mentioning.  This is one of them.


You know what it’s like whenever something makes you so mad that you instantly want to just scream barrage after barrage of ridiculous absurd rants and curses to the world.  Unfortunately that’s not considered very polite and also whenever you speak your mind you tend to discover that those things will come back to bite you.  Ouch!

So here is this very convenient blackhole where you can type whatever you want and it screams all the nastiness into oblivion for you.  No one will know.  Or will they?  Perhaps somewhere there is a text file being produced at the web designers bidding that lists all of the crazy things people fill the void with.   Naaaaaaah. 😉

Anyway you can find it here. 


Scream away!


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