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Children of the Corn


There was a scream that broke out in the cornfield and I felt the harsh stalks of corn whipping past my face.  The sound was coming from my nieces and they had ran ahead of me in their little sun dresses.  What started out as a fun little adventure after holiday dinner turned into a horror story.  What happened? Would I be able to help them?

This is actually a true story that happened to Nicole, Kara, and I. We had some property back behind my house and further beyond was a field of cattle corn and some woods.  My oldest niece is six years younger than me and Kara is two years younger than her so I would say I was probably eleven at the time. Like a big brother I would take them exploring so they didn’t get too bored during family get togethers. It probably seemed like a great idea at the time. What could possibly go wrong?

Well younger Brian and his little happy munchkin clan started running through the corn and playing in it. Every step we took brought us closer to the start of the woods and we couldn’t care less.  That was when they got a little too ahead of me, their little legs and shoes kicking dust and snapping fallen cornstalks in their wake.

That’s when I heard the screams…

I remember running. It was a blind running since I couldn’t see what was beyond the corn that had risen taller than me.  I called out to them in all of the confusion and froze dead in my tracks when I found them.  What I saw made my mouth drop.

My nieces screamed because right at the edge of the woods someone had killed and split open a deer and left it out to hang from a tree.  It looked like one of the victims from the movie Predator.  No one expected to see something like that.  The fun innocence of playing in the corn turned into a horror movie for my young nieces.

They were crying and scared and I couldn’t understand a word their blubbering lips said. I actually had to pick each one up under an arm and run them back through the woods to safety.

It’s an experience none of us will forget.

It does get me wondering though. What is the significance of corn that has us so fascinated? From corn mazes in the fall to horror movie situations to dead baseball players returning to play in The Field of Dreams…what gives?

I think it’s just that feeling of adventure. When in a corn field you never know what you will discover the next step you make.



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