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More Transformer Movies…*sigh*

October 5, 2015


When I was a kid Transformers were awesome.  There was this heavy metal theme song, awesome toys that were like two toys in one, and a cartoon that was full of exciting action.  What was my favorite Transformers episode?  Who knows.  I don’t remember anything beyond the fantabulous veil of nostalgia.   Sometimes things are just not worth dragging out after a couple decades because you risk ruining just how special they were.  It has that Pandora’s Box effect.   You know not to open it.

No one gave that advice to Michael Bay though.  Or maybe they did and he just couldn’t be bothered to listen.  Either way, he’s been ruining my childhood ever since.

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The Day I Proposed

September 11, 2015



So now that I’m getting ready to tie the knot (date soon to be announced) I started thinking that it might be nice to just get the story down in writing once and for all.  That way when people start to talk about how I proposed, you can link them to BrianBlack.com, and tell them how swell my blog is.   Actually it’s probably only going to save me from having to retell the story a bunch of times (although I do enjoy telling it).

It’s a little odd, however, that it changes every time I tell it.  Why just yesterday I was telling the story about how I proposed to Michelle at the aquarium, dropped the engagement ring, and watched as it made a minuscule crack in the glass.  One of the sharks in the SeaTube saw this as an opportunity to attack the glass wall in a vicious attempt to eat us.   Even with the SeaTube flooding and a school of sharks trying to eat us all alive, I managed to fight them all back because THAT is true love.  Michelle swooned and of course she said yes.  Every shark I beat down with my bare hands caused her to scream, “Yes! I will marry you, you sexy sexy viking!”

Needless to say, before this story gets any more exaggerated, I probably owe it to everyone to set matters straight (but wouldn’t it have been grand, Michelle?).


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Bipolar Poem (Draft)

September 6, 2015



Insatiable lust turns

morbid.  Teeth gnashing

and rainbows bleed out

until everything is red.

What happened?

Picking up the pieces

No one understands.

Sugar regains its sweetness

until shades of doubt

form the horizon

from which the brain sets.


*I don’t normally write poetry, but I know a lot of people that suffer from bipolar.  It’s on my mind.   So I figured just toss up something quick.  It’s really hard knowing people that suffer from it.

A lot has changed

September 5, 2015

Load “Rant1”,8,1

Once upon a time, I discovered that my future was in great turmoil.  I didn’t really know who or where to turn that would get me great results.   What great results?  Happiness mainly.  I was young and naive and I suppose I thought that the world would just give me some sort of magical cure to fix all of my problems.  Financial, emotional, spiritual.  You know the kind I’m sure.


Nowadays I’m a little older and a little more grounded with my hopes and expectations.  I’m still pushing the boundaries in terms of what I should probably expect, but I can live with that.

So what’s new?

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